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Thanks to the good reachability, tourism in Norway has been increasing for years, and thus also the demand for holiday properties in Norway. No less than 30% of all the people going on holiday in Norway, will stay in a rented holiday home. By contrast, only 2% of all Norwegian owners rent out their own holiday home, which makes the demand much higher than the supply.

Portula performs constructions throughout Norway, but given the travel distance and the possibilities with regard to the four seasons, the majority of our clients will choose well accessible regions, where tourism is flourishing, as is the case in the Province of Vestfold og Telemark and Innlandet.

Telemark is also known as Mini Norway, due to the combination of fjords, rugged mountain landscape, large lakes and forests. In this area you can enjoy outdoor adventure throughout the four seasons. This area is popular mainly because of the ski slopes, hiking areas and villages. There is a large demand for holiday villas for rent. This development has caused an increase in value of our luxurious wooden villas in these areas.


These are our favourite Norwegian destinations.
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Reachability by car
The easiest route for cars from the Netherlands to Norway runs via Germany to Northern-Denmark. Every day, ferries go from the ports of Frederikshavn and Hirtshals, to the south of Norway. The shortest crossing, from Hirtshals to Kristiansand, takes just 2 hours and 15 minutes. There are three companies that provide a service between Denmark and Norway: Colorline, Stenaline and Fjordline. If you prefer something different, you can also take the ferry from Kiel (Germany) to Oslo. This journey is an adventure in itself, due to all the facilities on board. There are ferries that go to Norway from Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Most ferry companies offer packages for the transport of a vehicle and its passengers. Many times, there are discounts for seniors, students and children.

Reachability by boat
Holland Norway Lines has been running since the spring of 2022, from Eemshaven, with a ferry service to Kristiansand. The crossing takes place with a modern ferry with many facilities.

Reachability by plane
There are more than 50 airports in Norway. This makes even the most remote locations, like the Lofoten, the North Cape and Spitsbergen easily reachable by plane. KLM flies to the conveniently located town of Sandefjord (Torp) three times per day, while low-cost carrier Ryanair provides regular services to both Sandefjord (Torp) and Rygge. Kristiansand and Oslo (Gardamoen) are also good possibilities.