Smart investing in Norway because of:

  • Good reachability towards airports and ferry services
  • Manageable travel distance by car
  • Four-season locations
  • Many outdoor opportunities, such as skiing, hiking, water sports
  • Knowing who your potential tenant is

Regarding all these issues, we can take you by the hand and inform you more in detail.

Relishing and return in one

A holiday property in Norway means relishing, but also smart investing. As a rule, positive return can be made as soon as after about 8 weeks of renting out. Fjord Rentals by Portula takes care of the letting of luxurious wooden holiday villas at various magnificent locations in Norway.

So not only does Portula take care of the construction of your property, but also they will entirely unburden you with respect to everything that has to do with letting. We will see to marketing, technique and financial settlement for you. In addition, mainly our presence locally is of great added value. Matters like meeting guests upon arrival or departure, cleaning and maintenance, will be taken care of by us. The full-service provision of Fjord Rentals is able to unburden you entirely in this respect.

For many years, tourism in Norway and therefore also the demand for holiday properties in Norway, has been on the increase, thanks to the good reachability.

No less than 30% of all the people who go on holiday in Norway, stay in a rented holiday home

By contrast, only 2% of all Norwegian owners rent out their own holiday home, which makes the demand largely exceed the supply.